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The 1st Maine Volunteer Cavalry — colloquially known as the 1stCav — is one of the most unique regiments in the War of Rightscommunity. Most companies fixate upon tight formations and line battles. In contrast, we function as a dismounted skirmisher unit and operate in tandem with Union infantrymen serving as their pickets. We also specialize in hit-and-run tactics with the express intention of delaying and confusing the enemy.

Although the ranks of the 1st Cavalry primarily consist of North Americans, our roster includes Australians, Irish, Norwegians, Kiwis, and other nationalities spanning the globe. Common to all, however, is the possession of good horse sense and the grit not to skedaddle under fire.

If you are seeking a company with a nervy yet calm disposition that does not abide by the usual line tactics, the 1st Cavalry is the right unit for you!  … Flankin’ and Shankin’ since ’61!